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Blogging and Make Money

Blogging is now a more reliable and exclusive way to make money online in 2020. Now one question comes to your mind how people earn money from it. You can make a 6-figure income from blogging in various ways. Well, you are on the right platform. Shall I tell you step by step how you can make money from blogging?

How to make money Blogging?

People always think about how they make money from blogging …?. Well, it’s a straightforward answer. I will tell you some necessary steps to start your blogging journey.

Simple Guide To start Blogging 

  •  01: First, you have to create a blog. 
  •  02: Create rich content and feed your website. 
  •  03: Build a beautiful relation with your audience and grow your readership. 
  •  04: Finally, start making money from blogging various income streams.

Here I tell you to step by step how you can start your blog and make passive income from it.

01: Choose a popular Niche 

Niche is very useful for your blogging success and online business. You can create your blog by picking any niche or category. So you have to select the right category to start your blog. Here I mention some topic for you.

8 Profitable Blog Niches For Make Money Online Fast

  • 01: Travel
  • 02: Entertainment
  • 03: Make money online
  • 04: Affiliate marketing
  • 05: Daily Lifestyle
  • 06: Fashion
  • 07: Motivation
  • 08: Cryptocurrency

02: Create a Beautiful Blog 

You have to create your blog first. There are many ways you can create your blog to start to make money. I suggest you used Blue host because it was the most reliable hosting provider, which can easier for your blogging journey. You can use a different hosting provider. So to start making money from today, you have to create your space to buy one domain and hosting.

03: Write quality content 

Well, you heard It, “content is King”. If you write correctly, then you can produce quality traffic for your website because useful content added extra value to your site. So before starting writing, you have to focus your blog writing Properly. Create valuable and helpful content for your reader and subscriber.

04: Start making Money 

10 Ways to Make Money Blogging in 2020

01: Giveaways & Reviews :

People are reading or watching a useful product review before buying something online. Therefore, product review is more critical for online business. You can make money to write a product review on your blog. You can accept guest posts for product review and make money from them. If you have a quality Blog, you Can Earn Up to $200 to $500 US dollars Per guest post.

02: Advertising Income :

There are many ways how to make money from an equality blog. Advertising is one of them. If you have a website, you have much space to put an advertisement on your blog. You can use this advertisement space for your own, and are you can use it for others. So this is another way to earn money from blogging. You can put any advertisement on your site header or sidebar. Here is some example of how you can place an ad and make money from it.

03: Sponsored Posts You Get paid :

Guest post is one of the prevalent ranking factors for search engine result pages. People are looking for quality guest posts to rank the website. You can get this opportunity if you have a quality blog site. People are looking for it and willing to pay you. So the guest post is another method to make money from blogging.

04: Events Blogging

There are many events held in the whole year. You can use every occasion to get some specific traffic on your blog. Event blogging is a more simplified way to make money from blogging. Here I mention some popular event blogging names.

 Most Popular Event Blogging Name 2020 

  •  01: New Year
  •  02: Boston Marathon
  •  03: Christmas
  •  04: Olympics
  •  05: FIFA World Cup
  •  06: Elections
  •  06: Cricket World Cup
  •  07: Valentine’s Day
  •  08: Super Bowl Finals
  •  09: Diwali
  •  10: Movie Releases, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers,
  •  11: Video Game Release
  •  12: Movie Songs
  •  13: Holi
  •  14: Oscars
  •  15: Halloween
  •  16: WWE Wrestlemania
  •  17: Cricket (All Cricket Leagues)
  •  18: Mother’s Day
  •  19: Grammy Awards
  •  20: Chinese New Year
  •  21: Australian Open
  •  22: Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
  •  23: Football (All Football Leagues) 

05: Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to make money in the present time. You can make money from affiliate marketing on your blog.

There are many popular products you can promote through your blog. You can also create a niche affiliate website to earn money online fast. Here is some popular topic you can start with them.

  • 01: Blogging product
  • 02: WordPress theme
  • 03: Domain hosting
  • 04: Coupon and deal
  • 05: WordPress plugin

06: Promoting a Business:

In 2021 there are so many digital marketers and online marketers out there. They promote their business and product through their blog.

That is a legitimate way to make money online now. You can make money through every digital product like book, course, service from your blog. So, Your Blog playing a vital role in promoting and growing your business.

07: Services and Digital product Selling :

Every famous Blogger has its digital product for sale online. They use their blog to sell their digital product. You can also promote sponsor digital products and services through the website.

You can use platforms like:

  • 01: LearnDash (WordPress)
  • 02: Thinkific
  • 03: New Kajabi
  • 04: Teachable

To make and sell your online digital course.

08: Own Products :

If you have your digital product or service like a Book, freelancing gig, SEO service, you can sell them through your blog. You can get a buying customer or traffic for your product through your blog. So, this is another best way to make money from a blog.

09: Monetization platform :

Well, native advertising is one of the most popular ways to earn money from blogging. You can monetize your blog through native advertising, which is more profitable. Especially if you have a news or technology website, you can make a higher income through native advertising. There are a few advertisement solutions which can give you money and freedom.

  • 01: Taboola
  • 02: Outbrain
  • 03: Mgid
  • 04: AdSense 

How will you receive Blogging payment?

It could be setting up your advertisers, which one they will accept. Also, You can get Your payment in a various way like :

  • 01: PayPal
  • 02: Payoneer
  • 03: Transferwise
  • 04: Wire transfer (Your bank)
  • 05: Coinbase (Crypto payment)

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What is the difference between blogging and Vlogging?

That is an excellent question when you write something on your blog that’s called blogging. A Blogger makes money from their blogs various where like monetization, affiliate marketing, product selling, that’s it.

On the other hand, a video vlogger creates a video for himself or some special event. They can make money for their video monetization or sponsor video. So it’s only up to you which one you like to prefer.

Finally, I would like to say something about my experience.

When you passionate about your work, you will succeed in your life. So do anything whatever you want, but with your passion. Blogging gives you another life and a new world. So happy blogging, write whatever you want.

What strategy do you use to make money from your blog? Let me know in the comments below.If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with others.