7 Best Live Chat Software Tools

We all know that marketing is a never-ending process. There are always new ways to reach out and connect with your audience, but one of the most effective methods is live chat software.

Live chat software is a way for you to engage in conversations with your visitors on your website, answer questions they might have about products or services, and provide them with helpful information.

It’s been proven to improve customer retention rates, increase conversions, and reduce drop-offs. For example, on average, live chat software increases revenue by 8%.

7 Best Live Chat Software Tools

01: Drift 


Drift live chat is a platform that allows you to engage with your customers and prospects. It’s an all-in-one solution for customer service, sales, and marketing.

With Drift live chat, you can connect with people on their desktop or mobile device in real-time using text messages, voice calls, or video chats. 

Drift Live Chat is a software suite designed to help companies streamline their customer support efforts by leveraging artificial intelligence (Ai).

By integrating our Ai technology into the mix, we can provide personalized conversations relevant to each person based on what they want from us at any given moment.

Reason to buy 

  • 1) Drift has advanced AI which can identify customer intent.
  • 2) Automated workflows make things more efficient. 
  • 3) Integration with CRM solutions. 
  • 4) Live chat is becoming increasingly popular. 
  • 5) You can monitor how your team is doing in real-time.

02: Intercom


Intercom is a live chat software that allows companies to engage with their customers in real-time. With Intercom, businesses can respond to customer questions and queries as they happen, help them find what they need quickly on the site or app, or answer any other question about your product.

It also lets you know when someone has abandoned their shopping cart so that you can proactively reach out and turn browsers into buyers.

Intercom helps you build better relationships with customers by providing insights into who’s using your product and how they’re using it. That means more conversions for your business!

Reason to buy:

  • 1) It’s easy to set up an account and start using it right away. 
  • 2) You can schedule emails with the scheduler feature 
  • 3) You can follow up with past conversations 
  • 4) It is cost-effective 
  • 5) The customer service team has always been helpful when I have had any questions or issues with my account.


03: Olark


Olark is a live chat software service. It’s easy to set up, and it can be integrated with most other applications.

The company was founded by five friends who had worked together at Google before starting Olark in 2008.

They knew there was a need for better customer service tools online, and they’re happy to say they’ve helped over 100,000 people get the help they needed!

Olark is free for both desktop users and mobile app users. To learn more about how you can use this tool to provide better customer service, read on! 

Reason to buy:

  • 1) You will get real-time feedback from your customers.
  • 2) Live chat allows the user to answer queries immediately.
  • 3) Live chat helps increase conversion rates by providing valuable information before purchase.
  • 4) If someone is interested in your product but has concerns about it, they can ask those questions via live chat.
  • 5) Depending on the type of business you have, there may be other benefits of using Olark live chat, such as increased revenue or decreased operating costs.

04: SnapEngage


SnapEngage is an easy-to-use live chat feature that allows you to talk with your website visitors as they come on the site.

This service aims to provide instant customer support and foster a sense of community by allowing customers to get answers without leaving the site.

Since SnapEngage integrates directly into your website, it’s simple for you and your team members whenever you need help or has a question.

You can also be alerted when new conversations start so that you never miss out on an opportunity for connection. No matter what type of business, organization, or blog you run SnapEngage has got the perfect plan for getting in touch with your audience.

Reason to buy:

  • 1) Increase Engagement Rates. 
  • 2) Reduce Social Media Marketing Costs.
  • 3) Monitor Performance. 
  • 4) Get Feedback from Your Audience. 
  • 5) Build Brand Awareness.

05: ZenDesk


ZenDesk Chat is a new service by ZenDesk that provides live chat customer support. It’s the next generation of customer service, providing instant, personal help to customers.

The best part? It’s free for all businesses! The post will cover how to sign up for ZenDesk Chat and what you can do with it once you have signed up.

We’ll also explore some tips from experts about using this type of software and research the pros and cons of chat software in general.

There are many benefits to both companies and consumers when it comes to this type of technology. For one thing, it saves time when trying to contact someone at a company because there’s always somebody available online waiting to answer any.

Reason to buy:

  • 1) It integrates with Google Apps to be used on any device, including laptops and mobile devices. 
  • 2) You get complete chat history for free, so you’ll never lose a meaningful conversation again. 
  • 3) You have the option of using live chat or email support, whichever works best for your customers’ needs. 
  • 4) An account manager will help set up custom workflows based on your team’s needs and goals which means less time spent training new employees on using ZenDesk. 
  • 5) Save Time- The most common reason people buy Zendesk Chat is to look for an efficient way to answer questions without using email or phone calls.

06: LivePerson


“LivePerson live chat software is a great way to boost your sales and marketing efforts. With LivePerson, you can talk to potential customers in real-time.

You’ll get an instant response for more engagement and better conversion rates.”LivePerson is a leading provider of live chat software for customer service and marketing.

They offer one-on-one, group, and social media messaging to help businesses reach their customers on any platform. LivePerson’s team has been in the industry for over ten years-helping organizations like Sony, Expedia, Sears Canada Inc., DIRECTV, and more to grow their business with innovative solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and easy to set up.

Reason to buy:

  •  It makes it easy for customers to reach out when they need help. 
  •  You can customize the experience by adding FAQs from your site or product descriptions, so as soon as the customer clicks on “contact us,” they’re in the right place. 
  • By implementing a customizable dashboard, agents focus on high-priority cases first while still being available for those who directly contact them. 
  • You can have as many agents as your company needs with no additional cost. Our pricing starts at $19/month per agent and includes unlimited users, chats, transcripts, and more. 
  • Analytics: Our powerful analytics dashboard gives you insights into how your business.

07: PureChat 


PureChat is one of the best chatbots on the market. It has been used in over 220 countries, and it can be used for customer service, lead generation, marketing automation, etc. 

PureChat is an AI-powered chatbot that will help you automate your business processes by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

The bot takes care of all your customer’s questions and needs, so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself! 

It features a natural language processing engine that can recognize keywords like ‘buy,’ ‘offer,’ or ‘discount’ without any prior training required! This means PureChat does not need manual coding to understand what customers are asking about products or services.

Reason to buy:

  • 1) Chatbots offer round-the-clock customer support 
  • 2) Chatbots provide instant feedback 
  • 3) There are no human resource costs 
  • 4) It’s easy to set up – Go on the website, sign in, create a new bot and start chatting! PureChat also offers tutorials if you need help getting started. 
  • 5) It can be used on any social media platform – You can easily integrate Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Kick, and more into your workflow with this one tool. 

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Here is the top 7 live chat software on our list. Live chat software is an essential tool for marketers. It can be used to generate leads, answer questions from customers, and increase sales. There are many types of live chat software, so you must do your research before deciding on the best one for your business. Live chat software is a necessary tool at any marketer’s disposal, not just with customer support!


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