15 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

WordPress push notification plugins are tools that help website owners send notifications to users’ devices. Some popular options include OneSignal, PushEngage, and PushAlert. These plugins enable site owners to engage with visitors even when they are not on the website, increasing user engagement and retention.

Push notifications are a form of mobile marketing that is becoming increasingly popular among marketers. Push notification is a message from an app or website on your phone, which you can set to appear when the app isn’t open.

There are many different ways push notifications can be used for better customer engagement and retention, including reminders about upcoming events and sending out messages that offer time-sensitive deals and promotions.

They’re also helpful in reaching customers who have opted out of email communications but still want to receive updates from their favourite brands in real-time. 

15 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

WordPress push notification plugins are tools that help website owners send notifications to users even when they are not on the site. Some popular options include OneSignal, PushEngage, and PushCrew. These plugins allow for personalized messages, scheduling, and analytics to track performance and engagement.

01: OneSignal


OneSignal is a marketing automation service for push notifications. It has an API that can be integrated with your website to deliver personalized messages and updates to mobile users.

OneSignal’s goal is to help customers improve their conversion rates, engagement, and retention rates by keeping them informed about new products or services. 

OneSignal allows you to create unlimited push notification campaigns for free on its Basic plan. Still, there are limitations with the number of pushes per day at 10,000 pushes per month when using the Free technique (Basic). Paid plans start from $5/month and go up depending on how many monthly pushes you.

02: Gravitec.net


Gravitec.net is a web-based push notification service that sends messages to your mobile device. This service allows you to reach your customers on the go and provide them with information about new products, special offers, or breaking news in real-time. It’s easy for companies of any size to send notifications via Gravitec.net through an online dashboard or API integration into existing applications. 

These notifications can be sent from anywhere worldwide at any time with no delays in delivery or additional costs associated with this service provided by Gravitec.net! 

This blog post provides information about what push notifications are, how they work, and why businesses should use them for their marketing campaigns!

03: WonderPush


WonderPush is a push notification system that sends messages to users who have opted-in for notifications. It also saves time by allowing you to create and send content from the same platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools. The easy-to-use interface makes it possible even for beginners to be successful with this marketing tool. 

Wonderpush is an affordable way of keeping in touch with your customers or clients when they are using their phone on social media, games, or other apps, as well as sending them reminders about offers you may have. 

04: Smart Notifications (Premium)


Smart Notifications is a new push notification service that will help you better engage with your audience. It’s a premium service, but it can pay off in just one campaign for the price. If you’re interested in learning more, please read on! With Smart notifications, you’ll be able to reach out to many people at once and get their attention immediately because they are all notified of the message at once- instead of relying on someone opening your email or clicking on your link because they saw it.

05: Push Notifications for WordPress Lite


Push notifications for WordPress Lite are a great way to engage your visitors. They can remind people about the latest blog post or offer, announce updates, and more! This article will show you how they work and what you need to know to use them effectively. 

Push notifications for WordPress Lite are a great way to engage your visitors. They can remind people about the latest blog post or offer, announce updates, and more! This article will show you how they work and what you need to know to use them effectively.

06: Fire Push (Premium)


Fire Push (Premium) is a plugin created to help you send push notifications for your WordPress site. With the ability to schedule posts, manage multiple pages and sites, track analytics, and much more, it’s no wonder why FirePush has been downloaded over 1 million times! The best part? It’s free.   

07: PushAssist


PushAssist is a new and innovative way to push notifications on your phone. It takes the idea of push notifications and turns it into an app with a twist. The PushAssist app will let you create customized alerts for any occasion, event, or person in your life that you want to be notified about. You can also use these alerts as reminders by setting up recurring email or SMS messages from within the application. This makes it super easy to stay on top of everything going on in your life without having to check every notification that pops up on your screen! Stay tuned for more posts about this exciting new app!

08: Beamer


“Beamer is a push notification service that allows you to send notifications to your users. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep in touch with your customers, Beamer could be the perfect solution.” 

“One of the most important features of Beamer’s service is its ability to target specific groups of individuals. With this feature, brands can easily communicate with their subscribers and followers without having them all in one big group.” 

“Another great feature about Beamer is the fact that there are no limits on how many people can subscribe to a particular channel or category. 

09: Web push notifications BuddyPress (Premium)


LetsPush is a premium push notification service that allows users to connect with their audience and control what notifications are pushed. LetsPush provides all the tools you need to set up, customize, and send your messages, so they’re guaranteed to be seen by your subscribers. Sign-up for our free trial today!

10: iZooto Web Push Notification


iZooto is the easiest way to send push notifications on your website. It’s a great way to reach out to customers and keep them engaged with your business or product. With iZooto, you can easily create custom campaigns that will be sent automatically according to the user’s preferences and triggers! 

11: Subscribers


Subscribers Push Notification is a notification that pops up on your phone when you receive a new blog post. You can set these types of notifications to be sent to only specific people or all people who subscribe to your blog. This is an easy way for bloggers and web admins alike to keep their readers informed about new content without the need for them checking back regularly.

12: Web Push Notifications – Webpushr


Web push is a web-based service that allows you to deliver messages from your application or website to mobile devices and browsers. Providing push notifications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and browser push notifications via JavaScript or REST API. Web push makes it easy to get started with no servers needed on your side. All of the power behind Webpushr’s technology is in the cloud, so there is nothing for you to install or manage on your end. 

13: PushEngage Push Notifications Plugin


PushEngage is a browser push notification plugin that allows you to send notifications to your visitors. The PushEngage API provides developers with the ability to integrate this service into their website, blog, or app without having to worry about how they’ll be notified when a new post goes live. It’s cross-browser and works well on mobile devices. You can have an email list of interested users who want updates from your site as soon as they’re published! 

14: Push Notifications for WP & AMP


A new plugin called Push Notifications for WP & AMP is designed to make push notifications easier to implement on your WordPress or AMP site. The plugin can be installed onto either of these platforms and send a message to the visitor’s device when they are in the range of an event that you want them notified about. The platform also offers many different options, including customizing the notification sound, setting up what kind of content should trigger a push notification, and adjusting how the content should appear on their screen. 

15: PushAlert 


PushAlert is a plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce that enables you to send push notifications to your website visitors. PushAlert makes it easy to get in touch with your readers, customers, and followers by sending them messages from the admin panel on your site. You can use this plugin with an unlimited number of subscribers without any extra cost or monthly fees. 

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are brief messages sent by apps to your device. They pop up on your screen to alert you about updates, news, or reminders even when the app is not open. You can customize which apps can send them. They help keep you informed and engaged with the app’s latest information.

How do Push Notifications work?

Push notifications work by allowing applications to send messages directly to a user’s device. These messages pop up on the screen, even if the app is not in use, keeping users informed about updates, reminders, or new content. Users can then choose to interact with the notification by tapping on it to open the corresponding app or dismiss it.

How to Add WordPress Push Notifications to a Website?

To add WordPress push notifications to a website, you can use plugins like OneSignal or PushEngage. Install the chosen plugin on your WordPress site, create an account, and configure settings. Customize notification appearance and messages. Visitors will then receive notifications even when they are not on your site, helping you engage with them effectively.

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Choosing the best WordPress push notification plugins is crucial for enhancing user engagement and driving traffic to your website. By utilizing these plugins effectively, website owners can keep their audience informed and engaged with timely updates and promotions. With features like customizable messages, scheduling options, and detailed analytics, these plugins offer a powerful tool for maximizing the impact of your content delivery strategy.


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