Best website for Free Stock Video Footage

Stock video sites are a fantastic way to find affordable and high-quality footage for your business, blog, or another creative project. But when you’re looking for free stock videos, where do you even start? The internet is filled with endless options from which to choose. 

01: Mazwai

Mazwai is a stock video footage company specializing in providing high-quality, royalty-free video clips to the public. Mazwai has been around since 2002 and was founded by brothers Dave and Mike Mazwai. Mazwai currently features over 20,000 videos on their site, with new content added monthly. 

They have categories, from people doing everyday activities like cooking to various natural settings such as beaches or forests. They also have promotional content for businesses which could be helpful for anyone looking to find some great visuals for their website or marketing campaign. I recommend checking out Mazwai if you’re looking for some professional-looking videos without having to pay an arm and a leg!

02: Vidlery 

Vidlery Stock Video Footage is a comprehensive library of high-quality video footage for sale. The videos are broken down by category and type, making it easy to find the perfect video for your project. Vidlery also offers custom work, so if you need something in their library, they will create it just for you.

 If you have any questions about what kind of video would best suit your needs, please get in touch with us! We’re more than happy to help out! Vidlery is the perfect place for any business looking for high-quality visuals at an affordable price. 

Vidlery aims to provide its clients with the best service possible by offering unparalleled customer care and professional advice on all aspects of video production.

03: Mixkit 

Stock video footage is an excellent way to save time on production. With so many different stock sites, it’s challenging to know which one has the best videos for your needs. Mixkit Stock Video Footage is a site that provides high-quality video clips at affordable rates. 

Mixkit Stock Video Footage features over 2 million HD, and 4K clips with new content added every day! 

Filmmakers can find everything they need, from aerial shots of cities, scenic mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and more! There are also animations available, as well as abstracts to help you enhance your next project. If shooting live-action isn’t what you’re looking for, then this might be the perfect place for you! Check out their website.

04: Life of Vids 

Life of Vids is a video footage company that has been in business since 2006. They have videos from all over the world and are available for purchase on their website. The company was started by two people who wanted to create a library of stock video footage to be used by filmmakers around the world. 

Life of Vids has grown into an international resource with more than 10,000 clips available for purchase or licensing. Life of Vids is a stock video footage library that offers over 1500 videos with 100% Royalty-Free licensing. Videos can be purchased for as little as $2 or rented for $10. 

05: Coverr 

Coverr is a stock video footage company that has over 3000 videos in its library. They have an extensive collection of HD, 4K, and 2K clips for every occasion. You can browse the coverr website by category such as “animals,” “sports,” or “technology.” Coverr also offers discounts on large video purchases. 

Coverr is committed to providing customers with high-quality images at affordable prices, so they are always available for use in any project you may need them for. 

06: Videvo 

Videvo is a stock footage site that offers video clips for purchase. They have everything from raw clips to ready-to-use videos with music and effects included. Video clips are categorized by events, emotions, concepts, or subjects, so it’s easy to find the perfect clip for your project. 

Videvo has over 10 million video clips on their website, which means you’re sure to find the one you need to complete your project. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for raw footage or pre-made edits because they’ve got it all! The best part is there are no monthly fees and even better.

07: Motion Places 

Motion Places is a stock footage company that designs and distributes video clips to the media industry. Motion Places has an extensive library of stock video footage and images, searching by keyword or browse through categories. They have over 150 collections with more than 30,000 videos ready for immediate download. 

08: Pexels 

Pexels is a video content marketplace with over 500,000 royalty-free videos and motion graphics. This website offers the most affordable pricing on stock video footage in the industry. 

It provides customers with instant downloads and unlimited streaming of all their media for a monthly subscription fee. 

Pexels ‘ library has been used by some of today’s top brands like Facebook, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Nike, Ford Motor Company, to name just a few. Not only do Pexels offer great prices, but they also offer exclusive discounts and deals to their members! 

Stock video sites offer a variety of free stock footage for your business-related needs. These videos can be used in presentations, websites, and other marketing materials. The three websites discussed below are some of the best options available to you when searching for quality stock videos that are free to use without any restrictions. 


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