The 15 Best Freelancing Websites for Bangladesh

As a freelancer, it can be tough to know where to start. After all, there are so many great websites out there that list freelance jobs.
Choosing the best freelance website is essential for several reasons. First, many great freelance websites offer a wide range of services. Second, most websites have templates and tools to help you get started quickly and easily. Here we will talk about the 15 best freelancing sites where you can find work or hire a freelancer for your project.

The 15 Best Freelancing Websites for Bangladesh :

01. Fiverr


Fiverr is the future of creative talent management. With so many talented individuals out there, it can be hard to find the right person to work on your project. But that’s where Fiverr comes in. With a wide range of services and tools available, you can find just the right person for the job.
Fiverr work straightforwardly. If you are looking job 1st, create a gig according to your skill. And the buyer can buy gigs according to their needs. Fiverr is the Best Freelancing Websites for Bangladesh.

02. Toptal


If you want to find talented freelancers, Toptal is the place to go. With over 100 million freelance professionals from over 150 countries, Toptal has the largest database of talent in the industry. Toptal has a wide range of talents available to its freelancers, including sales, marketing, programming, web development, data entry, and more.

03. Jooble


Jooble is a website that allows you to find and pay freelance workers in minutes. You enter your job requirements, and Jooble will connect you with the best freelance workers who can do the work for you.


freelancer offers a variety of platforms that allow users to connect with client pipeline consists of two main components: clients and freelancers. Clients are the people who need services done, and freelancers are the individuals or teams who provide those services.

You’ll need to complete a search form and select the type of project you want to work on. After you’ve selected your project, you’ll need to provide some information such as your name, phone number, and resume.
Once you have these details, will send you a list of potential clients. requires that you be licensed by the state where you will be working (in most cases, this is done through an online application). You must also be familiar with the industry in which you are interested and have relevant experience. Additionally, requires that you pass a criminal background check and agree to terms of service before starting your project. So That this is the 2nd best freelancing websites for bangladesh.

05. Upwork


Upwork is a website where people can post their services, including work proposals and job offers. The site lets you bid on different tasks, and the workers who win the bids are put to work. Upwork has been around since 2007 and employs over 400,000 people worldwide.

The best way to start working with Upwork is by using its job search function. After submitting your resume and cover letter, you can look for jobs from their vast database of clients. You can also use the company’s social media channels (like Twitter and LinkedIn) and online chat rooms to network with potential employees. Upwork is vary popular3rd Freelancing Websites for Bangladesh.

06. Flexjobs

FlexJobs-Best-Remote-Jobs-Work-from-Home-Jobs is one of the most comprehensive guides on the web for finding jobs. The site has a wealth of information, including job postings and ratings, job providers, and is a website that allows users to post and search for jobs, as well as find job postings from other businesses and individuals who have also used the site to look for jobs. This system makes it easier for users to connect with various employers and find jobs they may be interested in without searching through many different websites or articles. Flexjobs has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the right job for you, regardless of your experience or skillset.

07. SimplyHired

SimplyHired-Job-Search-Engine is a website that helps people find the perfect job fast. With SimplyHired, you can search for jobs from across the internet and get started on your career in minutes. SimplyHired makes it easy to find a job that’s right for you without having to go through extensive research.

08. Guru

Guru-workung-site is a website that allows freelance professionals to connect and collaborate with each other. The site offers various services, including freelancing, marketing, and other professional tasks. To join, simply visit the website and complete the online application. After you have joined, you will be able to start freelancing by submitting your resume and Cover Letter to potential clients. You can also use to connect with potential clients through the network of people who have already hired you as a freelance worker.

09. Linkedin  LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a top Freelancing Websites for Bangladesh. This is an online social networking site that lets users connect with each other to share ideas, learn about jobs, and connect with potential employers. Job seekers can use LinkedIn to search for job openings, view job listings from other people who have been hired on the site, and connect with hiring managers. Job seekers can use LinkedIn to find job applications by searching through the company’s website or by using its app. They can also post their resume and cover letter on the site and send out a job application email.

10. Behance


Behance is a social media platform for artists and designers that allows users to showcase their work. There are three main ways to get a Behance badge:

  1. Sharing your artwork
  2. Being a part of the community
  3. Submitting your work to the platform

You first need to be an artist or designer to get a Behance badge. To become an artist or designer, you must sign up for Behance and submit your artwork to the platform. After uploading your artwork, you will need to vote on it and earn points based on how well it meets the requirements set by the platform. The more votes you receive, the higher your rank in the community. Once you have Rank 2 or 3 in the community, you can then submit your artwork for review and approval.

11. 99designs

designs com

The website is a resource for designers who want to find and use design services from other designers. is a great place to find unique and creative designs. Whether you need a new logo, a website template, or just some inspiration, they have something for you.

12. Dribbble


Dribbble is a great place to post your designs and is one of the most popular web design tools. You can see how people use Dribbble to share their work, and you can also find out what features are getting the most use. Dribbble was founded in December 2007 by two students at the University of Michigan, Jesse Ehrlich and Erik Kain. Over one million people and counting have since used it. The main benefits of using Dribbble are that it allows users to easily share photos, videos, and ideas with other users. Additionally, it helps businesses to connect with potential customers through sharing images and videos of their products or services.

13. People Per Hour


PeoplePerHour helps you find freelance work by providing a platform for freelancing professionals. You can sign up for a free account and start looking for work. After you’ve found a few jobs, you can rate and review them to help other professionals find the best job opportunities. PeoplePerHour also provides a search bar that lets you compare job offers and find the perfect freelance opportunity for your skills and experience.

14. ServiceScape


ServiceScape is excellent for finding freelance professionals to work on your project. The website offers a vast array of freelancer options, from simple tasks to complex projects.

15. DesignHill

DesignHill is a vibrant resource for online design enthusiasts of all levels. You can find professional design and templet. Moreover, many designs and development jobs are available here, and you can build your own store. Besides, they only charge money from the client, so the freelancer can get the full amount they make here.


Why freelancing is better than job?

Freelancing can be an excellent option for those who are available. By freelancing from home, you can save on time and money. You can also take advantage of the many opportunities that freelance work provides. For example, you can work from home without leaving your comfort zone, making it more fun and rewarding experience. Additionally, freelancing allows you to build your career, which can be an exciting and challenging experience.

What Skills Are Necessary to Freelancing from Home?

When starting out as a freelancer from home, it’s essential to have some skill set necessary for the job market. You don’t need to be a great writer or blogger to freelance; anyone with some creativity and internet savvy can start their own business by doing simple tasks like creating graphics or writing articles! However, being able to manage clients and managing finances are both essential skillsets for any freelance business owner.

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Freelancing can be a fun and fulfilling way to help your income. However, it’s essential to carefully research the best freelance work environments and learn about the basics of freelancing before getting started. By choosing the right freelance work situation and finding a suitable workplace, you can enjoy your freelance life to the fullest.

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