16 Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress [Free and Paid]

Affiliate Plugins for WordPress can make adding advertising to your site a breeze. There are many plugins to choose from, but most of them function in the same way. They allow you to place ads on your site and provide a link back to an advertiser’s website or the product page.

You can earn money from these links by joining affiliate programs with companies like Amazon Associates or Commission Junction and then tracking which visitors click on the links through cookies set when they visit your website.

Suppose someone clicks on one of those links. In that case, you’ll receive a small commission – typically around four per cent per sale made through that link! So, if you’re looking for some new ways to monetize your blog without having to sell anything yourself, Affiliate Plugins are the right choice.

The following is a list of plugins designed for affiliate marketing. These plugins are used to help bloggers and marketers save time in getting their content online and make it more accessible to search engines. There are many types of affiliate plugins available on the market today, so we have compiled a brief list of some that you may find helpful in your blogging experience.

The following is a list of the Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress:


01: AffiliateWP


AffiliateWP is a powerful suite of WordPress plugins that help you manage your affiliate website. The three core plugins are AffiliateWP, Affiliates, and Referrals. These three plugins will allow you to automatically handle most of the tedious tasks involved in running an affiliate site, such as creating links for reviews or offers, tracking sales and commissions, reporting earnings monthly, and more. However, suppose you’re looking for some extra functionality. In that case, there are also several other plugin add-ons available such as Best Deals or Product Suggestions, which will help tailor content to meet what visitors search for to find exactly what they want faster!

Reason to buy AffiliateWP plugins:

  • 01: They allow you to collect commissions from affiliates who promote your products or services online.
  • 2: You can build an affiliate program within minutes with their easy-to-use plugin.
  • 3: They offer the best conversion rates in the industry because they’ve been tested by thousands of users worldwide.

Cost: Starts at $99/year

02: Post Affiliate Pro


Every blogger knows that there is a lot of competition out there, and making your blog stand out can be difficult. These plugins help you to get the best results for your posts, like affiliate ones. Affiliate Pro offers some great plugins for bloggers. The plugin helps you find the best products to promote on your blog or website based on traffic and engagement statistics from other blogs. The plugin also has an editor with templates, so it’s easy to create beautiful content with just a few clicks!

Reason to buy Post Affiliate Pro

  • 01. It makes it easier to find affiliate offers on Amazon that match your audience’s interests.
  • 02. It allows bloggers/marketers to make money from their blog posts using an easy-to-implement plugin.
  • 3. The plugin can automatically apply an Amazon affiliate link in WordPress, so bloggers don’t have to remember or copy and paste them manually.

Cost: Start at $97 per month

03: Affiliate Manager


If you’re a blogger or affiliate, chances are you’ve heard of affiliate managers. These plugins help keep track of your commissions and the products purchased by shoppers on your site. You Don’t Need to lose Your money because these plugins will notify you if any commission is lost. In addition, your blog post will be more successful with an affiliate plugin!

Reason to buy Affiliate Manager

  • 01: You’ll get more clicks on your links- When people see that other bloggers have used your link before, they will be more likely to click on it themselves.
  • 02: Higher conversion rate from visitors who land on your site with an affiliate plugin installed.
  • 03:You’ll save time- There’s no need to copy and paste every link into Google Analytics or another tracking system when you install an affiliate manager plugin!

Cost: Starting at $39 per year

04: Ultimate Affiliate Pro 


 If you are a marketer or someone who has a blog and wants to earn some money in the process, it would be good for you to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. That is an effective way of doing this is by adding plugins like Ultimate Affiliate Pro into WordPress. This plugin allows bloggers to generate revenue by managing offers from Amazon Associates, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate Network, and ShareASale. In addition, bloggers can also earn commissions when they refer others to websites with these ads on them! 

Reason to buy Ultimate Affiliate Pro

  • 1) The plugin improves user experience by making reading on your site faster and smoother.
  • 2) It will help you build a strong email list with all of their contact information, saving you hours of tedious work.
  • 3) You can create stunning social media ads in just minutes without any design skills or expensive software! All that’s required is some images from your computer or online and a few clicks of the mouse.

Cost: $59

05: Amazon Auto Links 


 Have you ever tried to make a blog post with links? It can be tedious and time-consuming. Luckily, there’s a plugin for that! The Amazon Auto Links Plugin is a WordPress plugin that automatically creates links from your text when you mention products or services on your website. It will create the link in either an affiliate link or just plain text if the product isn’t an affiliate item. If anyone clicks on a link and buys something, you earn commissions! This plugin will help generate more traffic for your blog without any extra work. This tool saves bloggers so much time and might even help them earn extra money on their blog posts too! You’ve been looking for ways to increase revenue and save time on your blog–this could be it!!! Click here for more info!

 Reason to buy Amazon Auto Links

  • 1) It’s inexpensive – at just $49 per year or $19 one-time payment for lifetime access to all the plugins.
  • 2) You can make money with it – Earn up to 25% commission on every sale from our Amazon Associates Store.
  • 3) Easy installation – Install in minutes through a simple.

Cost: Starting at $57.98 per year

 06: WordPress Affiliate  


WordPress is a popular blogging platform that has many benefits. One of the essential features for bloggers is WordPress Affiliate and Referral Plugins. These plugins allow users to integrate affiliate links into their blog posts, which can help bloggers make money by promoting products they love or want to share with their readers. In addition, bloggers who use these plugins can get paid by advertisers when someone clicks on an affiliate link from their post and makes a purchase online. These types of tools are beneficial because not only does it give blog writers another way to monetize content, but it also gives them more freedom while creating content since they don’t need specific company affiliations to do so! 

Reason to buy WordPress Affiliate & Referral

  • 1) Professional templates that make it easy to create high-converting sites.
  • 2) Find out what products or services people are searching for with a built-in keyword tool.
  • 3) Track how much money you’re making with a complete stats dashboard 4) Automatic tracking of clicks on links in emails, posts, and more.

07: YITH WooCommerce Affiliates


WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to sell anything online – but it’s not for everyone. It can be challenging to learn and set up, and the costs can quickly add up if you’re not careful. That’s where affiliates come in! YITH WooCommerce Affiliates Plugins will help your business grow by providing an easy way to monetize your traffic with our affiliate program. We have all the features you need: targeted advertising, an opt-in email marketing system, commission tracking, detailed stats on sales, plus much more! So if you want to make money from your blog or website, this is a great place to start! 

Reason to buy YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

  • 1: Easy Setup and no Added Costs.
  • 2; Multiple Store Support.
  • 3: Monetize Blog Content.
  • 4: Cross-sell Products.

Cost: Starting at $99.99 per year.

08: Affiliate Royale 


The best plugins available for affiliate marketing are all here on Affiliate Royale. These include easy-to-use and powerful tools that will make your life easier. For example, suppose you’re looking for the best way to create an automated website. In that case, these plugins have it covered with unique features like automated email follow-ups, automatic customer segmentation, autoresponders, and more. As a result, you can build don’t a profitable business online! So check out Affiliate Royale’s Plugins now!

Reason to buy Affiliate Royale

  • 01: The plugin is easy to use with just one click; you’re able to insert affiliate links into any post or page on your site.
  • 02: It’s perfect for bloggers who don’t want to spend time editing their content after they’ve written it to place affiliate links or other marketing materials in there.
  • 03: It has over ten different partner programs with the most popular companies like Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Commission Junction, and ClickBank

Cost: Starts at $85

09: Refer-A-Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens 


Do you use WooCommerce? Are you looking for a referral program to offer your customers? If so, this plugin may be what you’re looking for! WPGens Plugins has the Refer-A-Friend for WooCommerce. This plugin helps both the referrer and referee get credits every time they make purchases on your website. You can set up different ways that people can sign up–whether it’s through Facebook or by email–and choose how much credit each person gets when they do purchase from your site. The Refer-A-Friend Plugin is easy to install and even easier to configure!

Reason to buy

  • 1) It’s easy to set up – You can install this plugin in just a few minutes!
  • 2) It’s affordable – The price tag is only $47.
  • 3) It pays for itself – You’ll make your money back within the first month!”
  • 4) There are no complicated settings – Setting up this plugin couldn’t be easier!

Cost: starting at $47 per year


10: ReferralCandy for WooCommerce 


ReferralCandy is a software that provides an easy way to reward customers for referring their friends and family. It has plugins for different eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. For example, the ReferralCandy plugin for WooCommerce allows you to easily add a referral program into your blog with the click of a button through this plugin. You can also set up custom rules so that no one’s left out! 

Reason to buy

  • 1) It makes you money- ReferralCandy has an easy-to-use referral feature where users get a unique link to share with their friends.
  • 02: When one of their friends purchases something, they will receive a commission on whatever item they purchased from your store.
  • 3) You can’t lose- With Referral Candy, there’s no risk in trying out the plugin because you have 60 days for a full refund if not satisfied.
  • 3) Super easy setup- There is nothing complicated about installing ReferralCandy

Cost: start at $49 per month.

11: AdSanity 


“AdSanity is a new plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to create Facebook ads. It was created by an ex-Facebook employee and includes templates, ad sets, targeting options, and more.”

“This article will explore the AdSanity Plugin and show you how you can use it to make your marketing efforts easier. 

Reason to buy

  • 01: The first thing is that the plugin has been created by an experienced team of marketers and developers who are experts in their field.
  • 02: AdSanity offers browser notifications for new ads, custom ad slots, and more than ten languages available for translation.
  • 03: Thirdly, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results! The fourth reason is – You can get instant access to all these excellent features when purchasing this plugin for just $97. Finally, they offer lifetime updates and support, so now your investment isn’t wasted.

Cost: starting at $49 per year

12: MonsterInsights 


MonsterInsights is the best plugin that allows you to track your blog’s analytics in real time and benchmark against other bloggers. It also offers many features for advanced data analysis, like keyword research, social media monitoring, and more!

The MonsterInsights Plugin provides a diverse set of tools to manage your content marketing efforts effectively. For example, the Keyword Research feature will help you pinpoint what keywords are working best for you to continue leveraging them on your blog posts. This way, you won’t have to worry about spending time or money on finding new ones!

Reason to buy

  • 01: Customer Retention and Acquisition
  • 02: Optimize Marketing Campaigns
  • 03: Increase ROAS and Attribution Modeling

Cost: starting at $99.50 per year

13: Auto Affiliate Links Plugin 


Ever feel like you’re spending too much time linking to your affiliate links on social media? Well, now, there is an easy solution. Introducing the Auto Affiliate Links Plugin for Chrome! This nifty plugin automatically adds a link to any Amazon product you view without requiring you to copy and paste the URL yourself. It’s perfect for bloggers or marketers who want to increase their earnings while blogging about products they love. And it’s free! Download it today and see how this little tool can change your life!

Cost: Free

14: Thirsty Affiliates 


 The Thirsty Affiliates Plugin is a plugin for WordPress that helps bloggers and marketers earn money from their blogs by automatically posting links to the best products on the internet.

I was looking for an intelligent way to make some extra cash with my blog, so I decided to try out this plugin. It’s been great! The plugin does all of the work I have to do: is install it, then sit back and watch as my bank account starts filling up with affiliate commissions. The interface is intuitive and easy enough that even a beginner like me can use it. 

Cost: Free

15: Pretty Links 


Pretty Links Plugin is a nifty little plugin for WordPress that allows you to shorten any URLs in your posts without using bit.ly, goo. Gl or other URL shorteners like TinyURL and Bitly. It also automatically generates anchor text links for you when using the Pretty Link Shortener. It is excellent if you want to link back to your original article on another site, such as Facebook or Twitter! All of this with just one click!

Cost: Free

16: WordPress Affiliates Plugin by SliceWP 


A new plugin for WordPress, called SliceWP Affiliates, has been released. The plugin is a simple and easy-to-use solution that allows bloggers to add affiliate links to their posts with the click button. With this functionality, bloggers can finally make money by sharing products they love on social media without worrying about linking out every time. It’s also perfect for promoting events or even a blog post series!

You will never need another affiliate plugin again because this one does it all. Here are some of the features:

  1.  Easy Setup – Set up in 10 minutes or less
  2.  Automatic Tracking Code Generation
  3. Mobile-Friendly Site Design
  4. Generous Commission Rates – Earn 65% commission on every sale made through your site
  5. Personalized Sales Page with Your Name & Picture on It All of these features

Cost: Free

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