7 Best Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy policies are a necessary part of running any business. But did you know that the FTC has specific guidelines for how to create a privacy policy? Reading these guidelines is essential, so we’ve created this post as a quick reference guide. 

You need to include: A statement about what information will be collected from users, who it might be shared with, and how long it is kept in storage. You should also have an opt-out option available for your customers if they do not want their data stored or used by your company. It needs to be easily accessible on your site and easy for people to understand without having much technical knowledge. This means using clear language and avoiding jargon when possible! -The page must

01: TermsFeed 


TermsFeed is a free service that helps bloggers create their privacy policy. TermsFeed provides several generators, automatically generating the appropriate language for you to use in your privacy policy. The generator can be used in many different languages and has been designed to be easy to use. TermsFeed also provides all users with an overview of what needs to go into a standard privacy policy so that no matter what kind of blog you have going on, there’s something here for you!

02: Privacy Policies.com


Privacy Policies.com is a website dedicated to providing free privacy policies for the public, bloggers included! Our privacy policy generators are easy-to-use and can be customized to suit your needs. We’re here to help you create your personalized privacy policy that protects you and your blog’s readers from any potential issues with data protection. Check out our site today to get started!

03: SEQ Legal


SEQ Legal Privacy Policy Generators is a service that allows you to generate a privacy policy for your blog in minutes. This application will use the information about your website and create an appropriate, legally compliant privacy policy. The best part? You can download it from this website and add it to your site with just one click! SEQ Legal Privacy Policy Generators is perfect for bloggers who want to get their website up and run quickly without worrying about legal compliance or tedious work. It’s also great for those of us who don’t have a background in law!

04: Iubenda


Iubenda is a service that simplifies the process of creating privacy policies for your website. It has templates and wizards to help you create a policy in minutes instead of hours. The company also provides an online wizard that walks you through setting up and configuring your privacy settings on Facebook, Google+, Linked In, or Twitter. Finally, their Privacy Policy Generator will automatically generate a new document with all your personal information inserted into it – fill in the blanks! 

The Iubenda team is passionate about web security and protecting user’s data from hackers. The goal behind Iubenda’s Privacy Policy Generators is to make sure that users have access to tools that provide them with peace of mind when publishing content online.

05: Shopify


The Shopify Privacy Policy Generator is a tool that takes the guesswork out of understanding what your privacy policy should include. With an easy-to-use interface, you’ll know all about how to make sure you’re compliant with GDPR and other regulations. You can quickly create a new privacy policy in less than 5 minutes.

06: Trust Guard


Privacy policies are a necessary evil for businesses, but they can be challenging to create and maintain. Trust Guard has created a privacy policy page that makes it easy to establish the terms of your company’s privacy policy in minutes. They offer four different generator options: free with basic information, paid with full details, customized where you choose the topics covered or download from their library of pre-made templates, or legal advice where an attorney will review your document before publishing it. All seem like great options, so I recommend starting by reading more about them on their website!

07: Shift4Shop


The Shift4Shop Privacy Policy Generator is a free service that creates privacy policies for websites and other online businesses. The generator takes just seconds to build an easy-to-follow, legally binding approach with our simple interface. You can customize the document by selecting from a list of pre-written clauses or adding your custom language. Once you’re done, please save it to your computer as an editable Word document, PDF file, or HTML file. There’s no software download required!


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