Brilliant Directories Review: Create Your Online Community

If you’re looking for reliable and easy-to-use web directory software, then look no further than Brilliant Directories. As mentioned earlier in this blog, this platform is incredibly useful, especially for creating business directories. What’s more, it offers a customizable design with a responsive layout, making it easy to edit your website’s look and feel.

Furthermore, you can use advanced search functionality, user registration and login, membership management, and monetization options to generate business for your website’s license holders. In addition to these features, Brilliant Directories also integrates with popular tools like Google Maps, social media channels, and email marketing software, thus enabling you to increase your outreach and user engagement. 

Looking for a comprehensive Brilliant Directories review? Explore the features, customization options, member management capabilities, and monetization tools offered by this innovative software platform.

Brilliant Directories Pros and Cons : 


  • 1. Fantastic platform for building a successful directory portal.
  • 2. Cutting-edge technology and a wide range of features.
  • 3. Professional-looking online directory builder.
  • 4. Outstanding customer support.
  • 5. Incredibly useful products geared towards generating business.
  • 6. Combines all the tools you need to create your online community.


  • 1. Limited reporting capabilities

Brilliant Directories Pricing:


01: Customizable Design

If you’re looking for online directory software that allows for a high degree of customization, Brilliant Directories may not be the perfect fit for you. While it’s true that this platform is relatively easy to use and set up, some users complain that the designs look outdated and the customization options are somewhat limited.

That being said, Brilliant Directories does offer some design templates that are responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes, which is a big plus in today’s mobile-driven world. 

Moreover, you can customize the color scheme, add your logo, and modify some layout elements to match your branding. However, to create a truly unique and visually stunning directory, you might need to hire a web designer or developer to help you achieve your vision. Overall, you prioritize functionality and ease of use over cutting-edge design.

In that case, Brilliant Directories is worth considering, especially if you want a platform that integrates features like advanced search functionality, user registration and login, and monetization options.

02: Responsive Layout

When it comes to showcasing your company’s directory online, having a responsive layout is key. With Brilliant Directories, you can customize your website to fit your brand and provide a seamless user experience across devices.

Along with advanced search functionality and membership management features, a responsive layout ensures that your directory is easy to navigate and visually appealing to potential leads. The platform also integrates with Google Maps and social media sites, making promoting your directory and increasing visibility easy. 

Email marketing tools and a review and rating system also allow you to further engage with your audience and encourage positive feedback. With a content management system and analytics and reporting features, you can track your website’s performance and make necessary adjustments to optimize your directory’s success.

Overall, Brilliant Directories offers a comprehensive solution for building and managing your online directory with a responsive layout that prioritizes user experience.

03: Advanced Search Functionality

Brilliant Directories offers an Advanced Search Functionality tool that allows you to create custom search filters to help users find exactly what they want.

This feature is especially beneficial for busy directories with many listings, making it easier for users to sort through entries and find the right information quickly.

With other tools such as Membership Management, User Registration and Login, and Monetization Options, Advanced Search Functionality makes your directory stand out from the competition.

Users can narrow down search results based on specific criteria, such as location, category, or rating, giving them a more personalized experience.

Overall, Brilliant Directories offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating and managing a successful online directory. The Advanced Search Functionality tool is just one example of how this software can help streamline your operations and provide a superior user experience.

04: Membership Management

Managing your membership can be overwhelming, but with Brilliant Directories’ user-friendly platform and comprehensive tools, it doesn’t have to be. And with the analytics and reporting options, you can track your directory’s performance and make data-driven decisions to grow your business. Give Brilliant Directories a try and unlock the full potential of your membership directory.

The platform’s customizable design capabilities allow you to make your membership directory unique and visually appealing, while the responsive layout ensures that it can be viewed across all devices.

But what sets Brilliant Directories apart is its advanced search functionality, which makes it easy for users to find the exact member they’re looking for. Additionally, the user registration and login options allow for increased security and personalized experiences for your members.

If you want to monetize your directory, Brilliant Directories offers solutions such as paid listings, sponsorships, and advertising opportunities. And with seamless integration with Google Maps, social media, and email marketing tools, you can easily reach out to your members and keep them engaged. The review and rating system allows your members to leave feedback and helps you improve your directory’s offerings.

05: User Registration and Login

User Registration and Login are crucial components of any website, and Brilliant Directories ensures that these features are top-notch. With the One-Click Google Login add-on, users can easily register and log in using their existing Google account, enhancing the user experience on your website. 

In addition, Brilliant Directories also offers advanced Membership Management features, allowing you to manage member profiles, access levels, and data easily. With a customizable design and responsive layout, your site will look great on all devices, while the Advanced Search Functionality ensures that users can easily find the information they need.

Brilliant Directories offers various Monetization Options, such as paid memberships and featured listings, to further monetize your site. Integration with Google Maps and Social Media enhances the user experience, while Email Marketing Tools allow you to stay in touch with your members. 

06: Monetization Options

Monetizing your website is important to running a successful online business directory. With Brilliant Directories’ platform, you can choose from various monetization options to suit your needs. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s offering different membership plans, displaying advertisements, or utilizing Google AdSense. 

With a responsive layout and advanced search functionality, user registration and login, and Google Maps integration, you can create a directory that attracts various users. Social media integration and email marketing tools are also available to help you market your directory effectively.

Additionally, Brilliant Directories offers a review and rating system, a content management system, analytics and reporting tools to help you manage and grow your website. With a lifetime license option, the platform offers an affordable way to start and scale your directory business without incurring additional costs. 

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07: Google Maps Integration

With the Google Maps integration on Brilliant Directories, visitors can easily find the locations they’re looking for. This integration adds another layer of convenience to your site, creating a more intuitive browsing experience. And that’s not all – with the help of Zapier, you can scrape data and reviews from Google Maps in real-time, ensuring that your directory is always up-to-date with the latest information. 

This is just one of many powerful tools available with Brilliant Directories, which offers customizable design, advanced search functionality, membership management, and more. 

Whether managing a professional association or building a business directory, Brilliant Directories has everything you need to create a successful online presence. With tools like Google Maps integration, social media integration, email marketing, and analytics reporting, you can ensure that your site is informative and effective.

08: Social Media Integration

With Brilliant Directories’ Social Media Integration feature, you can expand your online presence and reach more potential members. This integration allows you to easily share your directory listings on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Not only does this increase your visibility, but it also helps drive more traffic to your directory site. Additionally, the Email Marketing Tools feature can be integrated with your social media campaigns to create targeted and effective email campaigns that promote your directory. So take advantage of the power of social media and let Brilliant Directories help you succeed in your online business ventures.

09: Email Marketing Tools

Considering using Brilliant Directories for your business, it’s important to note that their email marketing tools are a significant feature of their platform. You can ensure your customer communications reflect your branding and values with options to create and customize email designs. 

In addition, over 40 templates are available to make campaigns and confirmation emails quick and easy to create. With the ability to schedule automated emails at different stages of the membership lifecycle, you can stay in touch with customers without missing a beat. 

10: Review and Rating System

If you’re looking for web directory software that provides users with a complete directory experience, Brilliant Directories is an excellent choice. In addition to its user-friendly interface and responsive design, the platform offers advanced search functionality that allows users to find what they’re looking for in your directory easily. 

One of the platform’s standout features is its review and rating system, which allows users to leave feedback about their experience with your business or organization. This feature can be a powerful tool in building trust with potential customers and providing valuable social proof to your visitors. 

With Brilliant Directories, you can easily manage your review and rating system and other aspects of your website using the platform’s content management system. Additionally, you’ll have access to analytics and reporting tools that can help you track the success of your directory and make data-driven decisions to improve your business. 

11: Content Management System

As you continue to explore the features of Brilliant Directories, it’s impossible not to mention the importance of its Content Management System (CMS). This tool streamlines the process of publishing and managing content across your site. 

You have the ability to create and edit pages, as well as add images, videos, and other multimedia elements. The ability to manage your content is critical for keeping your site up-to-date, relevant, and engaging for visitors.

Moreover, the CMS integrates with other essential features, such as Advanced Search Functionality, Google Maps Integration, and Social Media Integration. Allowing you to curate content that includes geolocation data and tags that make it easily searchable for users. Manipulating attractive templates and widgets, the CMS also offers a responsive layout giving you complete control over the look and feel of your website.

Using the Membership Management tool, you can publish exclusive content to members-only pages and monetize your content to generate revenue. With Email Marketing Tools, you can engage with your members and site visitors by sending automated emails at different stages of the membership lifecycle. 

Brilliant Directories even includes a Review and Rating System so visitors and users can easily leave reviews on your site.

With the Analytics and Reporting tool, you can gather valuable insights into your site’s performance and make data-driven decisions about what to publish and when. 

12: Analytics and Reporting

When running your online directory or membership site, analytics and reporting are critical to understanding your audience and improving your site’s performance. Fortunately, Brilliant Directories has you covered with robust analytics and reporting tools. With this feature, you can track key metrics such as traffic, user behavior, and engagement to gain insights into what’s working and what needs improvement. 

This data can then be used to optimize your site’s design, content, and functionality for maximum user satisfaction and profitability. Plus, with the ability to generate detailed reports on everything from member activity to revenue, you’ll always have a clear picture of your site’s progress. You can make informed decisions to grow your business. 

With these powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, Brilliant Directories makes it easy to stay on top of your site’s performance and continuously improve your user experience.

Final Thoughts:

Brilliant Directories allows users to customize their directory websites to match their brand identity and specific requirements. The platform provides intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to design attractive directory layouts without coding knowledge. It also offers a wide selection of pre-built templates and themes to expedite website creation. One of the standout features of Brilliant Directories is its robust member management system. Users can effortlessly manage memberships, profiles, and subscriptions, providing a seamless experience for directory administrators and members. 

Additionally, Brilliant Directories includes tools for monetization, such as paid listings, banner ads, and sponsored content, enabling businesses to generate revenue from their directory websites. The platform also integrates with popular payment gateways, facilitating secure and convenient online transactions.


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